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Goa Rampurush Water Sports Parasailing Activities Best Enjoy full Ride

                 Goa Rampurush Water Sports Parasailing All the adventure sports activities in Goa are very exhilarating and parasailing is considered one such thriller activity. If you are a ride seeker with an adventurous streak then satiate the adventure junkie in you to feel the heaven on earth with parasailing. Goa provides you ample opportunities when it comes to water sports Activities. Paragliding in Goa gives you the perfect blend of adventure sports and entertainment. A parasailor will be flying up in the sky with a parachute and the control is in the hands of the speedboat below.. You do not require any special skill set for this activity, just stay calm and relaxed and enjoy the breathtaking view from the top. The anticipation sets in when the motorboat speeds off and you feel elevated with the open parachute Location : Calangute-beach,Baga-beach . Activity Price:  Rs. 850 per person